An instrument for exploring
Kids move through their environments in imaginative ways that most adults gradually lose. Bug is a musical instrument everyone can use to look at the world. Bug is easy to use. Point it at your room or the world, tap the screen, and walk around. Bug turns what you see into pure color, and color into music. For kids and grownups.


1. Hold your phone up to an object, or just hold it in the air.

Start with a colorful object in a brightly lit room or outside. Your screen will show the color of that object, or just the color of the space Bug is in. Make sure your phone is at least a few inches from the object. Bug’s eye is the camera on the back of your phone, so be sure not to block the lens!

2. Touch the screen.

Try holding your finger on the screen and moving the phone from one color to another. Or try tapping the screen repeatedly. Bug only plays music while your finger is on the screen. Make sure your phone is not on mute and its volume is up!

How does it work?

Bug makes each color of the spectrum correspond to a musical tone. Red is the lowest note because it is the lowest frequency color. Violet is the highest note because it’s the highest frequency color that we can see. Yellow and green are in the middle. Try clicking this spectrum to make it full screen, and use it to play your own song with your Bug.

Learn more about color
Learn more about musical tones

What else can I do with Bug?

See the videos above for some ideas. Arrange some colored objects or papers on a table. By moving Bug from one color to another while you tap or touch the screen, you can learn to play songs, or find songs in the world.

Try pointing Bug at something that moves or flashes, while your finger is on the screen. Try Bug in the car, on the ground, in your bed or at the park, in your favorite spots or some new spots.

Different rooms, environments, weather conditions, and times of day have different kinds of light. Let Bug help you see and hear the differences. Bug is great when you’re in a new place on vacation.

Form a quartet of Bugs with some friends, or take turns to see who can find the silliest things to play with Bug. Combine with other musical instruments that you already have or can temporarily invent.

Email us your questions, or send us a video of your performance using another phone or tablet!

Or post a video to Instagram or Vine with hashtag #bugapp.

Vast like the night and like the light, The perfumes, the colors and the sounds respond.

– Baudelaire